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Established in 1998  under the name Creative Gallery as a Web site design venture, the company later became Digital Mocha. The 1990's were a time when the Internet was beginning to grab mass attention and we got in on the ground floor. It was a pleasure to build various Web sites for businesses, organizations and retailers- and we are still doing it. We continued to keep up with the new programs, codes, and innovations of today as well as to connect with many other talented technicians and artists. Our portfolio grew to include many forms of media such as content writing, photography, print media, and educational tutorials. In this new millennium social media has become the torrent of necessity for anyone wanting to connect both in the virtual and in the real world. Digital Mocha utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example, to get you noticed among those in your area of influence.


Wendy Hadassah Campbell, Owner
I began learning computer programming, photography, and layout design in the 1980's. I was first published by a main stream magazine in 1986 and have continued to write and publish. I graduated from Arkansas Technical University with a Creative Writing and English degree with an emphasis in Psychology. I have also studied at Northern Arizona University and the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. My skill set spans a plethora of avenues including traveling the world and working with various cultures. My business ventures include digital mocha, maintaining an online retail store for twelve years, founding a non-profit organization, writing books, and hosting a thousand member creative arts conference. With my diverse skill set, strong organizational expertise and attention to detail I have the ability to design, implement, and manage a plethora of projects such as events, web sites, presentations, organizational structures and various business aims.